Workshop Trifecta

This is our 1st annual Doula Trifecta. We will be offering 3 unique workshops in breakout sessions. Every participant will be able to attend each session.

Spanish Phrases for Birth:
This workshop is about learning how to use Spanish when working with a client. You will learn quick and easy words and phrases related to general conversation and birth work.

Comfort Measures/What's in your doula bag:
Do you ever find yourself out and about then called to a birth? Do you want to know what to put in your doula bag? Have you ever looked around the hospital and wonder what you could use in case you don't have your doula bag? We'll give you the tips and tricks needed when in the hospital.

Navigating Partners/Care Providers while attending birth:
Have you ever felt tension in the room? Would you like to learn some tips and tricks to help diffuse certain situations? We will be talking about helping partners and working with providers at the birth.

As a Bonus: In the beginning of the morning the Illinois Heart Rescue will be offering a CPR basics class from 8:00am-8:45am
Have you always been interested in learning CPR? Learning how to use an AED machine? Want to learn life saving techniques? Join us to learn correct hand placement, good posture and correct compression rate.
This workshop does not offer a CPR certification card. Questions? For more information email

The CPR requires a separate RSVP. Please email if you would like to attend that session.
There will be a 30min lunch break (please bring your own lunch & snacks or you can go to the Au Bon Pain across the street)

This Trifecta is free for CVD active doulas and a suggested donation of $5-$25 will be asked for at the door for non CVD doulas and other birth workers.

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