On-Call Client Testimonials


"Christine was amazing! I didn't initially plan to have a doula but I know the birth would not have been as wonderful as it was without her there." 2/2015

 "Anna was incredible! Initially I was hesitant to let a 3rd party into the labor room but I could not be more grateful for the support she provided to myself and especially my husband. Anna was so sweet and very generously donated several more hours of her time even after her shift was over. I could not have gone through the 20+ hours laboring in the hospital without her support. Thank you, Anna" - 4/2015

"She was fantastic in supporting me during my medication free birth. I didn't have the financial means to hire a doula and I'm so thankful for the CVDs!" - 4/2015

"Pam was incredible! We had a 63-hour labor, including 5 hours of pushing, that ended in a cesarean delivery. Pam supported us physically and emotionally. She was calm and positive. She even stayed with us overnight! She didn't leave until my husband was skin to skin with our baby and I was out of surgery. Thank you, Pam, for being part of our team throughout our marathon life event!" 12/2015

"She was absolutely wonderful! I felt safe and comfortable, she was a great help. I am thankful my husband received a break from my constant desire for "hip squeezes". She was so kind!" 2/2016

Traditional Client Testimonials

"We had a wonderful birth, in large part, because of Nikki. She was a calm and confident presence, and she stepped up to advocate for us during some really difficult parts of my wife's labor. The birth of our first child was very difficult, and traumatic, but, with Nikki's support, this birth was a very healing, regenerating experience for us. We have extremely grateful to Chicago Volunteer Doulas! Can't recommend them highly enough!!" 2/2015

"Simone was primary doula, Mercedes was my backup. Both of them were great. Simone was great at communicating with me about the process before, during and after the birth of my son. It made such a huge difference having her there, I would highly recommend the use of a doula to women in the future. I felt much more confident in making decisions and speaking to the hospital staff, and was very encouraged to have an additional support person with me. Thank you so much!!" - 6/2015

"I am a first time mom, and as much as my partner and I were prepared mentally for having a baby, we still wanted to have a doula. Our doula was Celia. She was a perfect match for us. She's been doing a great job from the very beginning. She was very supportive, informative and friendly to start with. We even met couple times before the birth. As soon as I let her know that I was in labor and headed for the hospital, she came there. During the labor she was doing everything to make me feel good, relaxed and comfortable... from massaging me to saying comforting words to me. She even took care of my mom who was there. I couldn't ask for more. After I came home with my baby, she came to visit us. We are still in touch. However, I had very nice and positive experience with my doula. I would definitely recommend Chicago Volunteer Doula Program. Thank you all!" - 6/2015

"Noshaba was AMAZING during my labor and delivery. When she came over, I was freaking out- I had gone into labor three weeks early, and wasn't even sure if what I was experiencing was the real deal. As soon as Noshaba showed up, my anxiety dissipated and I was able to concentrate on relaxing and breathing. Her demeanor is so calming, and she was able to reassure me that everything was progressing normally and to trust the process. My labor was short and intense, and her comforting presence through it really made it a beautiful and memorable experience. If it hadn't been for the services of Chicago Volunteer Doulas, I never would have been able to afford such amazing support. Thank you SO much for making doulas available to low income families in Chicago." - 8/2015

"I requested a doula on short notice and was unsure whether CVD would be able to assist me; I received a timely response to my email and was matched quickly. Not only was a primary doula provided but a back-up as well. Both women were absolutely wonderful and helped make the time leading up to, as well as the birth of my child a beautiful experience. I am very grateful for this organization." 12/2015

"I am so grateful for all your help and for making what could have been a very difficult and painful experience less daunting and more empowering. Sonia was amazing answering emails in the middles of the night and finding me a doula with less than enough time. My doula was superb. The prenatal visit was the best thing I could have done, allowing my husband and I the confidence to labor at home for as long as we wanted. The moment I texted her my water had broken, she kept constant tabs on me. When she walked into the delivery room, I was ready to call it quits and had even given in to medication but it was too late, I was too dilated. As soon as she stood next to me and started helping me relax and breathe, I knew everything would be okay. She talked me through everything the midwife did and helped me stay focused on what was important, getting my little girl out safely. I could not have asked for a better birth. I will forever be grateful and advice every woman to have a doula for labor." 12/2015

"Annie is an asset to the doula community - she is calming, patient, and very present. She aided us up to the delivery, at the delivery, and following the delivery. She will always be a part of our birthing story and as a helpful guide in our memory of our daughter's birth." 3/2016

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