On Call Doula Program Clients (health equity)

“I was on my 3rd day of induced labor at Swedish. Doula Mary...was with me through Pitocin and Epidural, massaging my back and helping me breathe. I swear she floated into the room like an angel to help me and my husband. I was in a lot of pain, and she got right to work. We were instantly relieved to have an advocate in the room, and it gave my husband a break too. Because things weren't progressing, there was talk of C-section, which I definitely wanted to avoid. Mary sat and spoke with me about my wishes and what I would want if I did need a C-section. She was kind, and reminded me that I still had a voice and could direct the birth even as things didn't go to plan. Since I was progressing slowly, Mary made sure another doula would be on the way to cover the night shift. Doula Kate arrived to take over, and shortly after my water was broken and I was in the final stage of labor. She held my hands and helped me with visualizations and breathing to get through the pain. When it was time to push, Kate could sense [sic] my anxiety and talked me through breathing for pushing. Delivery was so fast, and Kate was able to take photos and video for us during that time. With Covid restrictions, laboring for 3 days, laboring with a mask on.... it was all too much for me as a first time mom. I can't imagine going through that without Mary and Kate. It made all the difference to have them there with me and for me.”

-OnCall Client, 2021



Traditional Doula Program Clients (health equity)

“My experience has been very pleasant thus far! What I have found to be most special is that my doula looks like me. This is extremely valuable given the challenges my racial/ethnic group is known to face when it comes to pregnancy-related experiences. My doula is very knowledgeable, encouraging, resourceful, and kind. I am very happy with my match!”

-Traditional Client 2021


"I am incredibly thankful and impressed with the matching of doulas I was assigned while pregnant. My doulas both worked with me virtually prior to my labor giving some amazing tips and advice. The day of my surprise labor, my doula wasn't able to make my delivery, but the other doula did. I was so shocked and thankful Andi was able to make my delivery right in the midst of active labor and when I needed help most. With the Covid-19 restrictions on visitors I was terrified to be delivering my first child alone. When Andi arrived she immediately supported me mentally and physically and even helped me through some very scary decisions I had to make during a posterior labor. Andi stood with me from start to finish of my labor journey and ensured I was absolutely okay with her leaving. She made certain to take photos of my labor and delivery that I will cherish forever! I cannot thank her enough and couldn't imagine my experience without her!."

-Traditional Client 2021


“Mel was great! I was under a lot of stress being without my family and she share [sic] tips and teach [sic] me some pre-natal [sic] Yoga so I can try to relax. She helped me creating [sic] my birth plan and also talked to my friend and labor partner, guiding her on what to do to help me cope with the pain during the early stages of labor and in the trip to the office. In the hospital she stay [sic] with us all the time, coaching me through the process. She made feel safe and supported.”

-Traditional Client 2021



Postpartum Doula Program Clients (health equity)

"Hannah was great! The best part is that we have stayed in touch, and she’s introduced me to several wonderful resources for new moms."

-Postpartum Client 2020


“Wonderful service for single moms!”

-Postpartum Client 2020


"Erika taught me how to bathe, swaddle and do tummy time with my baby. She also took initiative and did my dishes. I am forever grateful for her support in even just letting me nap. Being a new mother can be isolating and lonely. She always made sure I ate and never made me feel bad when I couldn’t do much. I had a c-section and she helped so much. She also introduced me to a wonderful lactation consultant who really helped me.” 

-Postpartum Client 2020



Mentor Doula Program Participants (economic development)

“The excitement around becoming a doula can quickly begin to fade after attending your first birth and being faced with the big energy that birth possesses. Family expectations, your client's hopes and dreams on the line, and your own desires to be everything that a birthing person needs you to be can easily lead a new doula vulnerable to thoughts of insecurity, uncertainty, and lack of confidence. This is where doula mentorship has the ability to make an impact beyond two individuals. Supporting the people who support birthing and new families is an absolute honor. Being present to answer birth-related questions or affirm joyous or challenging experiences. Doula mentorship is essential to making sure the birth workers who show up for families are properly nourished and prepared to be their best! I feel so honored to have mentored so many doulas, especially with Chicago Volunteer Doulas!”  

-Tayo Mbande, doula mentor


“I joined CVD in 2016 and was immediately matched with a mentor. Working with my mentor, and volunteering through the program helped me build the confidence and skills I needed to launch my own doula business ‘Love, your doula’ that same year!”

 -Cassie Calderone, former doula mentee and former Board Member


“I originally joined Chicago Volunteer Doulas to gain more experience in supporting families, I had no idea it would be such a fulfilling journey! Between the most informative orientation, being able to show up for birthing parents in their greatest time of need, and all of the beautiful babies, CVD gave me the exposure and confidence to show up and show out for black families.” 

- Shaquan Dupart, former doula mentee and former Board Member


“After my training with DONA to become a doula in 2017, I didn't know how much was already inside of me. Getting connected with CVD and their mentor program really expanded my drive to jump right in the field! They gave me the confidence to get clients and continue to expand my knowledge in my work. I've had the best experiences I never thought I'd be a part of. I am able to uplift, advocate, and teach my clients their rights and help them and help them understand meanings, topics, and medical terms they didn't know before. I have been mentored by Shana, and she gave me great insight on how to properly do my paperwork, and make sure my pricing matched my worth! I am so appreciative of the experiences and the doulas I've met and worked with through CVD.”

- Chanel Washington, former mentee doula



Peer Doula Program Participants/clients (health equity & economic development)

”Erika was great, very supportive, shared a lot of information and made things more comfortable while pregnant and incarcerated. Rebecca gave knowledge about pregnancy comfort, nutrition, tips about reading to baby, breastfeeding support, and contacted services for me.” Additionally, Trina commented that without doula support, her pregnancy and postpartum time “would’ve been more stressful!” 

- Trina, peer doula client at LCC and virtual client upon release to electronic detention


“Doula [work] has allowed me to know that we are not forgotten and no matter where you are, you can make a difference.… It is a blessing to be a client resource to give them the information to allow them to be a better them as well as be a more productive caregiver for their child. It feels great to know that I made a difference in another human life. Prison can get you down, depress and outright suicidal thoughts, when one feels cast out and no one cares. So I am bless [sic] to be a Doula and be treated like I matter for I am breathing which mean [sic] I can help everyone who allow [sic] me to be of service for I am alive and a able body with a functioning mind. So thank you Doula sisters for allowing me to feel worthy by being a resource as well as knowing I still matter even here in prison. It is such a joy to have the mentors to check up on us now during the virus and even when there was no virus. It is sad but true that before the Doula I had no email account for my family stated it was to [sic] complex to set up. So, it is a honor to be a part of an organization that actually care not just about how I can help them, but to really care about me and how I am physically as well as mentally.”

-Tammy, Peer Doula at LCC

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