What have mothers been saying about CVD?

"When contractions picked up and it was time to call our doula, I was discouraged and my husband's energy was depleted. When she arrived she was a breath of fresh air. She suggested new labor positions and comfort techniques, and was a calming presence. Both my husband and I appreciated her support. " 
- Mama E

"Britta was amazing throughout my pregnancy and birth. We really couldn't have done it without her! My partner felt very supported by her as well. She was great!!" 
- Mama J

"My entire labor team greatly appreciated having the doulas there, as it was the first time any of them were at a natural delivery. Debbie and Nina were both incredibly knowledgeable and attentive and responsive to my needs. For me, their presence made all the difference and helped me have the birth experience that I had desired."
- Mama A