Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies continues where Optimal Fetal Positioning leaves off and adds Balance. By noting fetal position and/or the station of fetal descent, a series of activities can be matched to mother and baby.The workshop is quite useful to learn this protocol expressed as The 3 Principles of Spinning Babies and the Fantastic Four. Class addresses the muscles and other “soft” tissues and matches the technique to open the pelvic station, where baby’s head stays in a non-progressing labor. The course also looks at ways a mother can add balance to her every day activities. This is a fun hands-on class that will have you look at birth in a new way and be able to help your clients. Class is designed for doulas, massage therapist, yoga instructors, midwives, nurses, doctors, chiropractors and any other body worker.

The fee for this workshop is $200. CVD doulas will get a discounted rate of $140 if 5 or more register before 7/30/16 and there is a very flexible cancellation policy for birth workers! Register at beccabrownlmt.com

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