Peer Doula Program at Logan Correctional Facility

The first-ever peer doula training for incarcerated women at Logan Correctional Facility will take place in December 2019!. We've hired HealthConnect One, national experts in the community doula model of care, to facilitate this groundbreaking training as part of CVD’s new Peer Doula Program—the first of its kind in the nation!

Peer doulas will support their  pregnant peers during the difficult prenatal and postpartum experience in prison. CVD is committed to reducing the harm of incarceration on families caused by separation and isolation. This program is specifically designed to reduce feelings of isolation and and lack of agency during such a vulnerable, yet powerful ,stage in their lives. Each of our newly minted peer doulas will also be matched with an experienced  CVD doula to support them as they embark on this new journey.  This program will also serve as a work force development opportunity giving our peer doulas the opportunity to develop an additional marketable skill to rely on upon release. 

Stay tuned for insights from this important program, coming soon! 

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