Our doulas come from all different walks of life and that is what we are most proud of. Please read through the bios below to get some information on how our doulas came into birth work and ended up here at Chicago Volunteer Doulas. 

You will see the doulas listed in alphabetical order by first name and when they started volunteering with us. Also you will know if they are taking private clients because it will have their contact information as well as the areas they serve.

If you don't qualify for our services feel free to contact any doula listed below who work in your area and see if they are available. Please note that when doing so you will then be working with that doula independent of CVD.


Alyssa L.
Volunteering since Jan. 2018
I have been a doula since October 2017 and have loved every moment of it. It is such an honor and privilege to help people bring babies into the world. As a queer person, I am especially happy to help other queer people navigate their birth journey. I am volunteering with CVD to expand my own life experiences and to create safe spaces for everyone.
West, Southwest, South Suburbs and all of Chicago

Amanda R.
Volunteering since September 2016
I've been a doula for 12 years and I love working with CVD because I can take on-call shifts during the month.  First time parents are my favorite clients - I genuinely am blessed to shepherd moms and their partners through the journey into parenthood.

Amy C.
Volunteering since 2008
I have served Chicago Volunteer Doulas in a variety of capacities including volunteer doula, mentor and board member since 2008. In 2015 I resigned as co-chair of the board to take on the role of volunteer Executive Director and was in that role until September 2018. I am also responsible for developing and co-facilitating the "Intercultural Communication Training For Doulas", one of the ongoing core training requirements for all CVD doulas. I have had over 22 years of non-profit experience, largely in the anti-domestic violence movement, LGBTQ rights, anti-racism work and the health care field. My work has encompassed direct service, volunteer coordinating, curriculum development, training facilitation, development and program direction. I was born and raised here in Chicago in the near south side's Douglas neighborhood and have also lived in Portland, OR and Northern Wisconsin. I am also a full spectrum doula, Birthing From Within mentor and non-profit trainer and consultant. I currently live with my partner and three children in a two-flat in the Humboldt Park neighborhood along with her sister, niece and nephew who live upstairs.

Annie G.
Volunteering since Oct. 2015
I am a full-spectrum doula and I volunteer with CVD because I admire their birth justice work. I am currently working on my prerequisites for a Nurse Midwifery degree program and I hope to use my doula skills in the future to make hospitals better places to birth. In addition to reproductive justice my interests include affordable housing activism, prison abolition, and mothering my very active toddler.

Antonique J.
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
My name is Antonique and I am a mother and caregiver. I have provided care in a variety of settings, for individuals in need from varying backgrounds. My desire as a doula is to improve birth experiences by assisting families in ways that best honor them.

Ashley F.
Volunteering since June 2017
I’m a mama to 3 kids and I found my own births to be challenging yet empowering and beautiful experiences. I had a fascination with birth much prior to giving birth to my first child. I studied nursing for a bit in college but later went on to get a degree in social work and worked as a social worker.  Now many years’ later and 3 babies later, I’m pursuing my passion to serve in birth work as a doula. Having the opportunity to help others during the birthing process is honestly a joy. I remain in amazement and wonder at the capabilities our bodies have during birth. I’m thrilled to volunteer with CVD and support others on their birth journey!     Chicagoland area

Ashton L.
Volunteering since June 2017
I've always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. My first experience with labor and delivery was helping my father deliver calves when growing up on our farm. When I learned that the support of a doula can change birth outcomes and improve women's birth experience, I knew this was work I wanted to do. I am in awe of the strength of the laboring woman and honored to be a part of the birth process. During my day job, I'm a therapist. I find that providing support to individuals during an intense and life-altering time a natural extension of the type of work I love to do.

Audreia J.
Volunteering since Jan. 2018
I am an African/Black mother of 2 amazing boys and I am a currently a toddler teacher of 2 and 3 year olds. I was an infant teacher for 5 years and I love working with young children.  I am volunteering with CVD because their mission aligns with my goals to help women of color, specifically African/Black women and plus sized women in helping them advocate for themselves by giving them the knowledge they need to know so that they create a birth plan that suits their needs and follow it as close as possible so they can have an enjoyable experience when bringing new life into the world.     Chicagoland Area

Becca B.
Volunteering since January 2019
I’m a full spectrum doula, which means that I provide social, emotional, and physical support around a range of reproductive health experiences. I’ve been engaged in this work in various capacities since 2013, and I went through a CAPPA labor doula training in January 2019. Professionally, I’m a community health educator. My background is in public health, and I am continually amazed by the research on doulas. To sum it up, Dr. John Kennell (who did one of the first studies on doulas) said: “If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” I agree, which is why I volunteer with CVD. I’m committed to improving the birth outcomes and experiences of all families.

Beth W.
Volunteering since Jan. 2018
My name is Beth, and I am a brand new doula. I am working on gaining my certification through CAPPA this year, and hope to gain lots of fruitful experience with CVD. I have assisted with one birth thus far, and can't wait to help with more soon! CVD is an awesome organization that assists women in the best way possible, because every woman should have the choice to have the birth that she desires, and not be forced into something she isn't comfortable with. My job as a doula will be to advocate for, and empower these women in this amazing experience.
Evanston and North Chicagoland

Blake T.
Volunteering since May 2018
Hello, my name is Blake. I am a graduate nursing student at Rush University with a passion for Women's Health and Obstetrics. Following graduation, I intend to pursue further education as a Nurse Midwife, and eventually live and work within rural communities. I obtained my doula training through DONA earlier this year and started volunteering with CVD this May. Through volunteering as a doula with CVD I can empower families during the labor and delivery process by providing continuous emotional, physical, and educational support.

Carol M.
Volunteering since May 2017
I am an experienced massage therapist, who works with women providing prenatal massage during pregnancy.  I love having the opportunity to share and provide information to women during their pregnancy.  I believe that most women are unfamiliar with the role of a doula during the birthing process and post-natal benefits.  One of our most important roles as women is to bring life forth.  I enjoy helping women traverse the various stages of pregnancy and transition into motherhood.  This is why I believe volunteering with CVD is important.

Cassie C.
Volunteering since April 2016
I primarily work in the Chicago area in professional theatre as an Actors Equity Stage Manager. The birth of my son two years ago changed so much for me and I became a toLabor trained doula in 2016 and a DONA trained postpartum doula in 2017. I've enjoyed working with families all over Chicago with CVD. I serve on the Board for CVD and Chicago Latina Moms.

Chanel W.
Volunteering since April 2017
I became a Doula because it was a strong passion of mines. I’ve always worked with children and wanted to learn more about Babies but most importantly the woman’s body through pregnancy. Being a doula has gifted me with so much joy to work with beautiful people and help bring blessings into the world.
Chicago/River forest

Daisy Z.
Volunteering since March 2015
I have been a doula now for three years with Chicago Volunteer Doulas. My journey to be a doula started when I wanted a baby when I was 18 and then one day had a dream that I birthed a baby in a pond in the middle of a forest. Since then I became intrigued by water births and then became a doula. I offer prenatal, birth, postnatal, abortion, and grief work. I am also available for ongoing general support, light work, documenting your birth and motherhood and event planning.
Chicagolad Area

Darlene M.
Volunteering since May 2017
I was called to birth work to follow the legacy of nurses and parteras, or midwives, in my family. Since 2015, I’ve gone through 56+ hours of training to become a doula through Aurora Birth Journey and Roots of Labor Collective in Oakland, CA. Through the Bay Area Doula Project I received additional training to become a full spectrum doula. Since May 2017 I have gained experience by volunteering with the Chicago Volunteer Doulas. I also offer placenta encapsulation for postpartum healing. With a strong belief in holistic healing, I am dedicated to advocating for people to have birthing experiences that are informed and autonomous. As an LGBTQ identified queer femme, I use gender inclusive language to support the needs of varying families.   /
Chicago and Suburbs

Di P.
Volunteering since Jan. 2017
I have always loved working with new families by caring for their children, understanding the needs of the family, and now helping with labor. I have worked as a nanny for over 12 years and have also taught preschool for a short time. Within the past couple of years, I have decided to move into a different direction by becoming a DONA trained labor support doula in December 2016. And I accepted my current position at Birthways in September 2017, as an apprentice doula and have trained with them to become a postpartum doula. Chicago Volunteer Doulas has given me the opportunity to gain experience in this field and has allowed me to help people in my own community that might have thought this service would be out of reach to them. I am proud to be a part of such a great birthing community that makes sure that everyone has access to support.
Call Birthways at 888-506-0607 and ask to work with me directly.
Labor Support and Postpartum Doula at Birthways.

Erin S.
Volunteering since June 2017
I am passionate about helping women advocate for themselves and their families during pregnancy and childbirth. CVD provides an invaluable service to so many women in the Chicagoland area, and I am grateful to be part of the organization.

Esther B.
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
I became a doula in June 2018 after a powerful and transformative birth experience with my own daughter in 2017. I believe passionately in the right of every birthing person to have a safe, satisfying birth experience. I love all things pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, and am excited to support birthing people and their families through this special time.

Hannah F.
Volunteering since January 2019
I am a recent grad working full time at an infertility doctor's office and love every second of it. I am relatively new to doula work, but am so excited to get started positively impacting people's birth experiences and their transition into parenthood. I believe that everyone should have all of the options to experience the birth they want and a support system around them that believes the same thing. Everyone deserves resources and positive experiences when it comes to their reproductive health; it is your body, after all.

Hannan K.
Volunteering since May 2017
I work as a doula to provide birthing people with affirmative and compassionate care. I am a queer-identified parent of two children and I see it as an honor to support people through birth and recognize that it can be an incredibly vulnerable and transformative embodied experience to move through. I believe that all people deserve intentional support, the right to make informed decisions and I am here to help facilitate and hold space for folks as they move through the emergent process of birth.
Southern boundary to the Loop and northern boundary to Wilmette

Isis H.
Volunteering since May 2018
Although I do not have prior doula experience, I am a nursing student and have gone through my labor & delivery rotation. I am volunteering in order to help clients have positive birth experiences with as much support as they need. As a doula I would be caring for the client’s emotional, physical, and mental well-being through the labor support I provide; this is the type of holistic care that I have a passion for. I am hoping to develop my doula skills and apply them as a nurse midwife in the future.

Israa A.
Volunteering since May 2018
I am a twenty-three year young labor doula in process of certification from CAPPA. I am proud to be a part of Chicago Volunteer Doulas, gaining experience every day. I chose to volunteer for CVD because I fully believe that those who are pregnant should have the proper support before, during and after labor. My specialty is helping others in my community, which I thoroughly enjoy doing so. In my spare time I also volunteer at The Cradle Adoption. I look forward to working for you and your wonderful family!

Jenna P.
Hi! My name is Jenna. I am a birth and postpartum doula new to the Chicago area. I just finished my B.S. in Health Science and have always felt called to birth work. I am most passionate about breastfeeding and helping women have the birth experience they desire. I am so excited to volunteer with CVD and give women the voice they deserve during this special time.
Evanston, Chicago, and North/Northwest suburbs

Jennifer K.
Volunteering since April 2016
I am passionate about mental and maternal health. I am currently in a social work program to situate myself at that intersection. The goal is support women and families in the major transition of having a child and adjusting to all the new challenges.

Katelyn C.
Volunteering since May 2017

I was drawn to doula work by the wonder of the birth process and a strong commitment to birth justice. I volunteer with CVD because I believe that everyone deserves access to doula services. It is truly an honor to be part of such a special life event. I hold a Masters in Sexuality Studies, a certificate in Sexual Health Education, and am CPR certified.

Katie O.
Volunteering since May 2018
I want to be an advocate for woman.  There is so much strength a woman has and being a doula is one way I can help woman showcase it.  I found in my own birth story some feelings that I felt were abnormal and when I started to learn more about pregnancy, birth, loss of a birth, postpartum, breast feeding. I found that I was advocating for woman and their birth rights and how maybe just a doula along those journeys can make an experience better or the mother at ease more. I felt like CVD is in line with the kind of doula I want to be.

Kelley E.
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
I was trained as a doula in 2016 and was so excited to join the CVD team as soon as I moved to Chicago. I am passionate about maternal and child health and I am honored to serve mothers and families during such a beautiful and vulnerable time. I hope to help birthing women feel safe, empowered, and continually supported throughout the birthing process. I'm also a pediatric nurse and a biomedical engineer, and have been able to work in maternity and neonatal wards all over the world!

Kirsten G.
Volunteering since May 2018
I am a recent college graduate about to dive into my career in the birthing field. After learning about midwifery and doulas in a pregnancy and infancy course, I immediately signed up for a doula training session and knew I wanted to help people in need. CVD was the perfect fit for making change and also actively participating in something I wished to see happen, all while I prepare for nursing school. I am proud to be a doula and happy to serve with CVD.
Wheaton/General Western Suburbs

Laney D.
Volunteering since Jan. 2018
I first became interested in doula work while in nursing school. I worked with pregnant people in hospitals and birthing centers and I enjoy teaching and learning from parents and partners. I hope to provide safe, complementary management for the birthing process. I worked as a volunteer doula in Baltimore Maryland and now I want to continue to support new and growing families in Chicago.

LaShaunda W.
Volunteering since December 2017
I am a naturopathic clinician who believes in living the holistic way of life. I decided to become a doula to bring awareness to the community and the importance of doulas. Recalling my own birthing experiences were not very pleasant, as my wishes were disregarded and I was made to feel like I had no say. I want to be there for woman to let them know they do have a voice and I am their doula do my best to see that their birthing wishes are carried out, so they can have a memorable birthing experience.
Southside of Chicago and South suburbs of Chicago

Laurel F.
Volunteering since Jan. 2018
I am thrilled to be part of the CVD community! My hope is that I can empower birthing people and new parents to trust their intuition, express their needs, and become agents of their own care. When I'm not learning about birth and babies, I work as a writer, editor, and educator at the Instituto del Progreso Latino, Malcolm X College, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lauren B.
Volunteering since May 2018
I am an Albany Park based doula finishing up a Neuroscience degree at DePaul University. I’m awed by the powerful and unpredictable nature of birth and inspired by laboring parents that rise to its challenges. I hope to become a Certified Nurse Midwife with further study, but in the meantime wish to support my community through birth justice work.

Lia L.
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
I have been working in the nonprofit sector in Chicago for many years, and am looking for ways in which I can be part of my community in a more direct way. I am a big proponent of reproductive justice and birth justice and seek to advocate for and support birthing individuals in a body-positive, gender-affirming environment.
Chicago Metropolitan Area

Lina Isabel R.
Volunteering since Nov. 2014
My name is Lina and I am a pirate doula. I work as a Treasury Analyst guarding the treas-Arghy. (In my pirate voice) My husband and I have 5 children, 3 born at home with doulas and midwives. From those births I developed a passion for supporting pregnant women. I hope to return to school and become a midwife. Aargh matey.

Lindi B.
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
I'm Lindi. I love spending time in nature and creating. Sometimes with my camera and sometimes drawing or using watercolors. I also usually have my nose in a book that has something to do with pregnancy and/or birth. I have been a nanny for about 3 years and after about a year of transition am moving towards full time birth work. I am here because birth matters. This simple but profound statement compels me to desire to hold space for birthing people and parents. I am a doula because I care about compassionate and holistic healthcare and desire to see birthing people, support people, and babies have the most fulfilling birth experience possible.
All of Chicago and Evanston

Liz. D
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
Delivering my first child is what initially sparked my interest in becoming a doula. After attending a few births and then having my second child I realized what a passion I have for supporting other mothers as they labor and deliver their children, as well as supporting women in the vulnerable postpartum period. My background is in biology and bioethics, I received my doula training through DONA in September 2017 and joined CVD in September 2018.
Chicagoland Area

Lydia B.
Volunteering since Feb. 2018
I am a Chicago native who became certified with DONA International as a birth doula in October of 2017. In December 2017 I shadowed my first live birth with an active doula on the Northside.  I got into birth work because I am passionate about supporting and empowering others. Childbirth can be one of the most vulnerable and emotional experiences in a person’s life and also one of the most empowering. I am honored to be an extra resource during that time and hope to remind those I am serving of their strength throughout the experience. I chose to volunteer with CVD because I believe in their mission.

Madison J.
Volunteering since Feb. 2018
I graduated from DePaul University with a bachelors in Community Psychology. I am getting my certification as a birthing Doula with DONA. I am excited to work one on one with families. At this time it an exciting and nervous time for family. The reason that I am volunteering is for two reasons to help an individual that would be able to get a doula for any reason.

Makeitah P
Volunteering since January 2019
Hi all! I am a RN and have worked in a few different areas of nursing, but my passion has always been to work with mothers and babies. I will be transitioning into the labor and delivery world soon, bringing my doula skills with me to help make for a comfortable and desired birthing experience. I’m very excited to start my doula journey with CVD!

Marcela C.

Volunteering since May 2018
Hi, my name is Marcela. I was born and raised in Guatemala. I have traveled to over 35 countries. I am passionate about cultures, people groups, restoring relationships, breastfeeding, and healthy families. I am a full-time nanny and have been married for 3 years. I've been inspired by birth from a young age and have wanted to serve mothers and babies. When I found out about Chicago Volunteer Doulas, I was thrilled at the opportunity to get involved. I look forward to getting to know you!
Joliet, Naperville, and surrounding Southern suburbs of Chicago

Megan A.
Volunteering since May 2018
I believe that every woman should have choices that are supported during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am passionate about birth justice for all woman especially my fellow Brown and Black women. After having three very different, but empowering births I knew I wanted to help other woman have a positive birth experience as well, whatever their vision of their birth may be. I am familiar with hypnobabies as well as spinning babies. I am a breastfeeding advocate and enjoy helping woman begin their breastfeeding journey to meet their individual goals. Currently, I am studying to be a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. I recognize and have experienced the difficulties the fourth trimester, postpartum, can bring to new and established families therefore I became a private Postpartum Doula that offers placenta encapsulation. I love researching and finding helpful resources for my clients. I am knowledgeable and passionate about baby wearing, cloth diapering, food allergies, meal planning, and natural living. Since I was a child my grandmother told me I had healing hands and I knew I always enjoyed helping others. I am excited to live out my passion for supporting women through birth work.
Chicagoland and surrounding Suburbs, and Northwest Indiana

Michell M
Volunteering since April 2018
Hello there, my name is Michell (sounds like seashell). I am a proud sister, daughter, and aunt from Lakewood, New Jersey. My doula work is rooted in the love and respect I hold for my own mother's labor. With my work at CVD, I want to honor her and other birthing bodies by assisting them through informed & empowered birth experiences.

Michelle B.
Volunteering since May 2017
Hello! My interest in doula work derives from my belief that all women and families deserve a high quality, mom-centered birth experience. As a doula and herbalist with a background in counseling social work I am able to combine all three of my passions into my birth work. Birth is a holistic experience and I work to help moms and their families feel secure in themselves and their decisions as they welcome new life to the world.
South side of Chicago

Nena R.
Volunteering since May 2017
I fell in love with the idea of supporting families in childbirth through my own birth journey. As this little miracle inside me was growing so was my thirst for birthing wisdom and desire to share the gift of holding space for others in childbirth. I love being a mother and had successful experiences with plant-based pregnancy, natural water birth, extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, etc...I am a wealth of 'crunchy mom' knowledge. My quest for mastery has not stopped which has led me to my calling as a birth worker. I am currently working towards my Birth Doula certification through DONA and Placenta Encapsulation certification through Pro Doula. In a few years I plan to continue my studies into Midwifery and work towards my goal of becoming a CPM. I am honored to be given an opportunity to volunteer for CVD because I believe that lack of resources should not determine a person's birth story. I am here to advocate and empower your birth no matter what the outcome. Everyone deserves a doula.
Greater Chicagoland Area

Nerissa O. (Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs)
Volunteering since October 2017
I am a Black queer femme originally from St. Louis, living in Chicago. I got trained at Ancient Song Doula in Brooklyn, New York and was pulled to them by the intersectional identity lens in which they view birthwork and beyond. I primarily work in higher education but am also a yoga teacher and meditation guide. I have always wanted to and feel like I was meant to be in the field of holistic care and working with my community in ways that I am naturally good at. I became a doula because I felt a pull to serve Black and Brown communities in birth work. My focus is providing services to Black and Brown folks queer, trans and gender nonconforming ppl of color and folks with disabilities but if we vibe I'm here for You! I like sloths and mangos.

Nicole M.
Volunteering Sept. 2012
I am a trained doula through Warm Welcome Birth Services (Northampton, MA) . I received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology from Smith College in 2012 . My passion is working with birthing women, helping them find their inner strength through the labor process. One of my personal goals is to bring the power of the doula to every woman, especially to communities often overlooked. I currently reside on Chicago's Southwest side. I also, partner with a number of local child birth networks (South Chicago Childbirth Network, and the International Center for Traditional Childbearing).
Service area within 30 miles of 60652 (Southside Chicago, South Suburbs, University Village, etc.)

Octavia T.
Volunteering since June 2018
My name is Octavia Treadway.  Women and children have always been a passion of mine and becoming a doula provides the opportunity to serve that community and so many more.  I recently became a doula on a search to find my personal passion.  Looking back on my experience as a teenage mom, my mother's experience and her mother's experience, I wanted to help women feel empowered during birth.  Birth can be the most empowering and vulnerable time in life and labor support is invaluable.  I am volunteering for CVD because the work they due for birth justice in invaluable and the communities they serve deserve to experience a level of support they otherwise might not be exposed to or able to support.  Every birth should be supported.
Southwest Suburbs (Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Naperville, Joliet, Woodridge, Lisle, Downers Grove, Hinsdale Darien

Rana S.
Volunteering since January 2019
I'm passionate about birth justice and want to bring compassionate doula care, evidence-based information, and individualized support to birthing people and their families.
Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park

Rebecca W.
Volunteering Since May 2017
I am a communications professional with an interest in plant-based health and healing. It was during my birth journey that I personally witnessed how women are in dire need of support when navigating the hospital system to bring life into this world. As a pregnant woman of color, I was mistreated and my birth plan was ignored. After my experience, a heartfelt desire was sparked to empower pregnant women with the physical, emotional, and evidence-based support they need and deserve.

Rose L.
Volunteering Since May 2018
I am a trained doula working toward my certification. I love helping others and I being a support system wide. I became a doula because I feel that everyone should be able to experience that new life in a relaxed well informed state. But most importantly it should be the birth they want not the one they're told to have.

Roshni S.
Volunteering Since April 2017
My passion for healthcare and building access to vulnerable populations started at home which led me to pursue my bachelors in health administration and a masters in nursing. I am a certified prenatal yoga instructor, trauma yoga instructor and critical care nurse in Chicago...I love providing patients with the empathy and knowledge to empower their own health. Motherhood, to me, is a vital opportunity for someone to regain confidence and control over their own bodies and the magic that new life creates.

Samantha K.
Volunteering Since Jan. 2018
I am a bilingual, labor support and postpartum doula and I'm committed to walking with women as they manifest the birth of their dreams. From the first trimester to the fourth, I will respect your vision, empower your birth partner and affirm your intuition every step of the way. As you enter laborland, I will honor your rhythm, respect your birth rituals and suggest comfort measures, including breathwork, hydrotherapy, massage, visualization and mantra. After your sweet pea arrives, my goals shifts to offering breastfeeding suggestions, relieving your anxiety and easing the transition to optimize momma-baby bonding. I adamantly believe that when moms and dads are nurtured during this crucial time, they become better nurturers. I relish the opportunity to give back to my community and support new families as they learn to balance infant care with self-care. I am also a certified Spanish healthcare interpreter, floral designer, creatrix of a women's collective, moon enthusiast and earth lover.
I serve Cook, DuPage and Lake Counties

Sandra F.
Volunteering since Feb. 2018
I am especially interested in helping those who would otherwise never be able to afford/have a doula

Sarah B.
Volunteering since Jan. 2019
I'm a 30 year old mother to three and it was my own birth narratives that shaped my interest and passion for becoming a doula. I took my certification course in December 2018 through Dona. I believe passionately in the right of every birthing person to have a safe and fulfilling birth experience. I believe that all birthing families deserve intentional support and empowerment to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies. I feel so honored to be invited into the sacred space of birth and to be asked to take part in supporting, educating, and empowering people through their pregnancies, births, and postpartum experiences. Greater Chicago Area

Shana D.

Volunteering since Dec. 2015
I always knew I wanted to be a person who helped and healed people. So when the time came I enrolled into nursing school. Initially my focus was on emergency medicine, but as I began to study reproduction my interest shifted. I became fascinated with the Miraculous process of pregnancy and child birth and changed my focus in school to labor and delivery. It was also around this time that I learned about the role of a doula, I dived head first into the world of birth work, and have been happily swimming in it ever since!  I believe the role of a doula is a sacred one, A woman remembers her birth experience for the rest of her life. My goal is to make every birth experience that I am apart of as pleasant as possible. I feel honored every time a family allows me to support them through this life changing event, and it is my greatest joy to be a part of the team that helps usher a new life into the world! When I learned about CVD I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this organization. Their mission and values lined up with my own, along with the belief that every woman deserves to have labor support regardless of her ability to pay. I am so glad that you were able to find this organization so that you can receive the support you deserve. I look forward to working with you and helping you create your ideal birth experience!
Chicago, south suburbs, Northwest Indiana

Shanita B.
Volunteering since May 2017
I volunteer to help spread birth justice. I believe that each mother should be allowed to own her birth and that no birth should be unsupported. I love to witness each miracle of birth I am blessed to attend. profile /
Chicago’s Northside and Northern Suburbs

Shaquan D.
Volunteering since Jan. 2019
As a birth & postpartum doula I offer non-judgmental guidance to help families manage the redefinition of roles and relationships. I assist with normal postpartum restoration, infant development, and provide emotional support to the entire family. Armed with patience, experience, and a sympathetic ear I provide essential support to help the family develop their own unique parenting style.

Volunteering since May 2018
I graduated from Amherst College as a premedical student, and am an aspiring ob/gyn. My work as a doula was born out of a passion for Reproductive Justice, and the value that every one – of all race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, spirituality and ability backgrounds – deserves to have a healthy, joyful pregnancy and birth experience. After researching the racial health disparities of birth outcomes in the United States, and especially in Chicago, I decided to postpone medical school to move back home and support the families in my community through their transitions into parenthood. I am committed to working with all families, but especially people of color, single parents, LGBTQ parents, and teen parents – to provide you with non-judgmental, unbiased, and unconditional support. The birth of a new child is a transformation which should be beautiful and empowering, and as a doula, it is my role to make you feel unconditionally loved and supported as you labor to bring a new light into this world. My gender pronouns: she, her, hers

Stephanie Z.
Volunteering since January 2019
I began my doula work in Mach of 2018 after training with Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn NY. I immediately fell in love with providing support and care for birthing families who otherwise wouldn't have access to these resources. I am excited to continue my journey with CVD! I am committed to advocating for Birth and Reproductive Justice for Black and Brown communities so that we are listened to, rightfully cared for, and can have safe and joyous births. I am also particularly invested in providing support for undocumented families and LGBTQ families. Outside of doula work, I'm a legal advocate for survivors of domestic violence.

Sydney R.
Volunteering of May 2018
Hi, my name is Sydney. I am a relatively native Chicagoan and a past CVD client. Both of these have led me to want to be a part of CVD as well as hopefully your birth team! Working towards my birth doula certification through DONA, I look forward to bringing to your bed side warmth and support during this exciting and new moment in your life!

Tammy P.
Volunteering since Aug. 2017
My name is Tammy Pomper I live in Long Grove, IL I am married with 3 children 2 girls and a boy. My son is 27, my daughter is 22 and I have another daughter that is 15 and a puppy marvel who is a boy dog and my husband Bruce. I had a doula with my second pregnancy which was a great experience for me which lead me to want to become a doula and make the birthing experience beautiful for other women.

Taylor K.
Volunteering since Sept. 2017
My name is Taylor Karpeles. I grew up in and around Chicago and have also spent a fair amount of time traveling overseas, often to impoverished and struggling nations. I service doula clients in the Chicago area, throughout the States, and also internationally. My passion is to empower women, particularly when it comes to their birthing experience. I believe that birth is a completely natural, incredible, and beautiful event – and I coach women on how to enjoy and embrace their births, rather than run from them or merely get through them. I’m also the proud mama of 5 sweet and loving kiddos. I’ve had all my births at home, though I didn’t have a doula until my 3rd was born. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The care I received, the support I got, and the added help before, during, and after my labor was a tremendous blessing. I’m volunteering with CVD because I want to help and empower other women in the same way that I was cared for and empowered.
Chicago City proper, Evanston, West Sub

Tayo M.
Volunteering since May 2018
Hey! I'm Tayo! I'm a young mama of two and so committed to parents realizing and walking in their power! I was trained as a birth and postpartum doula by Mama Shafia Monroe (the same midwife who trained Erykah Badu as a doula) as a Full Circle Doula Birth Companion which means my work as a doula goes full circle as I work to make sure family, women and children are all acknowledged, protected and empowered throughout pregnancy birth and the postpartum period. I absolutely love to make people laugh, and work hard to bring positive energy and joy into the spaces I enter! I am committed to birth work as the center of making better people as I believe helping families to have safe, memorable and positive birthing experiences can change more than we all may know!
All of Chicago! Northwest Indiana, Gary, Hammond, Munster, Highland, Crown Point.

Telika H
Volunteering since Sept. 2018
I am a current certified lactation counselor with over 10 years’ experience with birth and breastfeeding. I successfully breastfed 7 children including a set of twins and had a variety of birthing experiences such as unmedicated, medicated and c-section. 14 years ago I started teaching about birth and breastfeeding as a maternal infant health outreach worker in Memphis, TN, I then went on to volunteer my time educating and sharing about birth and breastfeeding at local community events. I became a board member of Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition 6 years ago and received my certification, which has recently been renewed. I also worked as a breastfeeding peer counselor in labor and delivery and NICU departments at Regional One medical center hospital. After I moved back home to Chicago, I continued my work with birth and breastfeeding as a Birthways Chicago doula and becoming a board member of the well know organization, Breastfeed Chicago. I then completed doula training with doula training international. I also teach classes and speak at community groups. I came to CVD because I have a passion and belief that everyone should have an empowered, enjoyable and supported birthing experience no matter their race or income.
All of Chicago

Trista R.
Volunteering since Sept. 2017
I am passionate about working with undeserved communities in the birth world. I have worked in OBGYN and public health research, served on an associate board for an organization dedicated to birth equity, and am currently in school to become a nurse. Doula work is so important to the birth community and I am honored to practice as one. I believe all pregnant people deserve to be treated with respect and be empowered through their birth experience. CVD provides the opportunity for me to work in the community near and dear to my heart.

Vel H.
Volunteering since June 2018
I am a mother of 2, currently pregnant with my 3rd, and have 2 daughters given to me by grace through marriage. I live in Elgin, IL. I am a Student Midwife needing more birth training on being with women/mother's/people in labor. I am a birth advocate 100% for rights and justice in birth to empower an individual to their own potential.
Elgin, S. Elgin, St.Charles, Geneva, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Aurora, Evanston, Chicago, and surrounding areas.

Wendie R.
Volunteering since May 2018
I am a full-spectrum doula.  I have a private practice in DuPage County. I volunteer with CVD because I admire their birth justice work.  I have been an advocate for informed consent and human rights in childbirth for the last 10 years.  I have 3 kids of my own.  I am a proponent of VBAC and will do all I can to help birthing people achieve their goals for the end of their pregnancy and labor and the early time post birth.  I believe that postpartum can be a vulnerable time as the family changes and adapts to a new child.  As doula is a great touch base to help that transition.
DuPage County and surrounding counties in Illinois.

Zoe T
Volunteering since January 2019
I was trained as a doula over 10 years ago to make me a better labor and delivery nurse. Now working in the community as a community health nurse and IBCLC, I miss journeying alongside parents through the sacred and vulnerable experience of childbirth and am thrilled to be volunteering with CVD to help parents realize the strength they already possess.

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