Holiday Donor Drive 2020


Your contributions help CVD continue to provide doula services to Chicagoland’s most vulnerable communities. We continue to partner with 9 hospitals (NEW- We grieve that Mercy closed, though we celebrate that we gained Mt. Sinai) and a birth center throughout the city. Despite the impact of COVID-19 in 2020 we had the honor of sustaining all of our programming:

  • We served 139 people with over 800 hours of doula support.
  • We maintained a cesarean rate of 19% below our partner hospital's average and an epidural rate of 51% also below partner hospital averages.  Our clients are 90% Black and Latinx.  With doula support they defied the odds for incidences of low birth weight infants and breast/chestfeeding.
  • We sustained year 2 of our peer doula program and postpartum doula program with continued incredible outcomes-including increased confidence and commitment to breast/chestfeeding, and increased presence of the 5 protective factors in clients families. We’re also securing spaces in childbirth education classes and parent and baby groups across the city to provide access to much needed connections for parents and their new babies.
  • We have onboarded over 80 new doulas this past year, providing them all with mentorship and ongoing training opportunities to support workforce development in the midst of this economic and health equity crisis.

    CVD works to be on the front lines of service providers in the name of birth justice, directly addressing the disparities in infant and parent reproductive health outcomes for people of color and other marginalized identities that may impact their ability to birth safely and as they desire. This December CVD is supporting doula access for people who are pregnant and incarcerated with the launch of a first of its kind in the nation, peer doula program! CVD is organizing and coordinating training for 10 women who are incarcerated to provide doula support to their peers, tremendously reducing feelings of isolation and lack of agency for pregnant people and increasing the work development skills of the women trained. CVD doulas will provide mentor support as peer doulas develop their skills to continue to support their peers inside.

These critical efforts would be impossible without your generosity!

Donating to CVD gives the gift of doulas to parents and birthing people who may not otherwise have the support and advocacy they deserve as they move through the transformative process of welcoming a new baby into our world.

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