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Giving Tuesday Chicago Volunteer Doulas call to action

1. Black birthing parents are twice as likely to suffer an incident of severe maternal morbidity than women of other race and ethnicities in Illinois. 56% of those incidents occur in the postpartum period. Additionally black infants are 3 times more likely to suffer sudden unexpected death than those of other racial backgrounds. We believe these statistics see representative of systematic institutional failures.

That is why CVD launched a postpartum Doula program. We make postpartum doulas accessible to vulnerable communities and we partner with our midwifery practice partners to ensure families get the supports they deserve during that critical 4th trimester allowing them to focus on what matters most.

CVD's postpartum doula program outcomes include increased commitment to and confidence in breast/chestfeeding and an increased presence of the five social and emotional protective factors in families.

Chicago Volunteer Doulas impact postpartum Chicago!


Give today to help sustain programs like this and make your mark to #impactpostpartumchicago and #birthjustice

2. Did you know that 80% of the women in jail and prison in Illinois are mothers? Did you know that women who are incarcerated and pregnant at Logan women's prison are separated from their infants within 48 hours. 

Did you know Chicago Volunteer Doulas will be orienting and providing training (through HealthConnect One) to 12 new Peer doulas at Logan women's prison this weekend! These doulas will provide informed and compassionate doula support to their pregnant peers, as part of our new Peer Doula Program- the first of it's kind in the nation.  Experienced CVD doula in Chicago wil be matched tol provide mentorship to new Peer doulas. The goal of peer doula support, Isa to reduce the experience if feelings of isolation and lack of agency. Our peer doulas will provide informed and compassionate supports to their peers during prenatal weeks to prepare for childbirth and separation and postpartum supports to support physical and emotional recovery!  Our peer doulas will also be developing a marketable skill set to utilize upon release! Hello CVD sustain this exciting and impactful work with a gift today!

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3. Chicago Volunteer Doulas is a birth justice organization. We provide comprehensive doula care to the vulnerable communities of the Chicago area.  We support birthing parents with marginalized identities including trans parents. 25% of our volunteers are LBTQ identified. 40% of CVD volunteers are Black and Brown. And 45% are more broadly speaking, people of color. We recognize that representation matters. Support representative doula care with a gift to Chicago Volunteer Doulas today!

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4. Did you know in Illinois, Black birthing parents are 3x MORE LIKELY to die from childbirth than white birthing parents? Or that Black birthing parents are also 6x MORE LIKELY to die during pregnancy than white birthing parents? 


70% of CVD clients are black and brown.  40% of CVD volunteers are Black and Brown.  We provide all of our volunteers with intercultural communication and birth justice training to support them in providing accessible and culturally relevant/competent doula support to every client.  Help us in our mission to disrupt these birth-related disparities by donating to Chicago Volunteer Doulas today.

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5. Did you know that for black birthing parents, 72% of childbirth- and pregnancy-related deaths are PREVENTABLE?

Help us in our mission in reducing these pregnancy-related birth and postpartum disparities by donating to Chicago Volunteer Doulas today.

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6. This Giving Tuesday, why not put your charitable dollars where it can do the most good? In Illinois alone, black birthing parents are 3x MORE LIKELY to die from childbirth than white birthing parents. It’s a horrifying figure.

At Chicago Volunteer Doulas (CVD), a birth justice organization, we provide comprehensive doula services to Chicago's most vulnerable communities, where we provide physical, emotional, and informational support that signal boosts the voices and empowered experiences that individuals and families deserve. 

Reduce these birth-related disparities by donating to CVD today.

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7. This Giving Tuesday, why not give to Chicago Volunteer Doulas (CVD)?


What is CVD? We are a birth justice organization focused on providing doula services to Chicago's most vulnerable communities. We do this through our valued partnerships with 9 midwifery practices and a birth center and our 4 programs. 1 on call doula program 2. Traditional doula program 3. Postpartum doula program 4. Peer Doula program at Logan Correctional Facility.

Last year our 80 volunteers provided over 100 clients over 1200 hours of support to #impactpostpartumchicago and access to #birthjustice

Help CVD champion birth justice and impact postpartum and make doulas accessible by donating today!

Give today and make Doulas and birth justice accessible today, with CVD!


8. Chicago Volunteer Doulas (CVD) believes in the power of presence!  We provide compassionate, culturally relevant, and comprehensive doula care to women and trans parents.  Marginalized individuals understand that marginalization is ever present. We deserve an opportunity, to make our most vulnerable moments, our most powerful and transformational ones- To feel lovingly seen and safe. Our on-call and traditional birth doulas do that with out clients and their desired labor support teams.


Client Testimonials:

"The labor and delivery Doula pretty much saves me in so many ways and I will never forget it it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me"


"My [Postpartum] doula made it a point to check-in on me in between visits, listen without judgement and recommend extra resources/tools based on the specific challenges I was experiencing. Without having family nearby, I was thankful to have someone I could trust and bounce ideas off of. Thank you CVD."


"My labor doula helped me have the kind of delivery I wanted and I am so grateful! Better yet, we made a long lasting friend with our postpartum doula. Thank you CVD for everything!"

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 CALL TO ACTION: CVD on #givingtuesday 2019 


Use our grab and go social media posts up above to draw attention to Chicago Volunteer Doulas and what we do to #impactpistpartumchicago and send folks to our holiday campaign donation page


Create a Facebook fundraiser, promote it widely to get donations and the FB matching dollars and draw attention to CVD's work.


Tell your story about how CVD or a doula has impacted postpartum in your life.  Let us, together, demystify the value and critical role of doulas and the value of an empowered birth and postpartum experience.  Testify to the power and value of being supported, seen, and cared for rather than interrupted and demeaned, for ones vulnerability and power with a live video or written story. Tag CVD and/or include a link to our donation page. use the hashtags:


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