COVID-19 Response Spring Donation Drive

In times of crisis, the most marginalized among us are most vulnerable to systematic and interpersonal stress. Here in Chicago, the results of decades, if not centuries, of systematic racial inequity are apparent in the COVID19 transmission and health outcome racial disparities. If there were any time to stand in the gap for birth justice, and fight for medical racial equity, now is that time! Chicago Volunteer Doulas, Inc. is doing just that. 70% of our clients are Black and Brown, and our doulas remain available to them to provide culturally relevant, compassionate, support through these anxious times, in person (when possible) and virtually. We continue to provide our doulas with the most up to date information on policies and practices. Our clients, historically, have a Cesarean rate far below the national average, and even our partner hospital averages, also allowing for them to lean much less heavily on already stretched medical resources and spend less time recovering in hospitals as well.

We have made the difficult, yet essential, decision to push back our annual CVD Summer Soirée. We will reschedule in the Fall, if advisable. Our soirée provides us with the opportunity to come together to honor and celebrate birth justice, our community partners, and our doulas. It also enables us to raise critical general operating dollars for our small but mighty organization. 

While it's disappointing to have to postpone a much-anticipated celebration, we look forward to coming together to celebrate in early fall. In the meantime, we also need to fill the fiscal gap that this delay causes. We received a generous donation from local birth justice advocates,  and we are now challenging our community to help us match that donation by raising $5,000 from now (Black Maternal Health Week) until May 31- the last day of International Doula Month! 

If you are able, please consider a donation,of any size, today to help us sustain our work during these unstable times. Help us continue to support vulnerable families who we know are heavily impacted by this pandemic. Help us ensure our most vulnerable have support.

Hear directly from three of our amazing doulas here!


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