Birth and.....Monologues


You are invited to listen to true pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum stories told by laboring people/mothers, partners/fathers and care providers.

Our continued goal in hosting this event is to create solidarity, strengthen community, and foster self-empowerment. We will do this through hearing and seeing ourselves reflected in the stories of others like us, or those completely different from us! 

Following the show please stay to mix and mingle with doulas/birth professionals, the monologue performers and people involved with CVD.

RSVP BELOW: We are not charging for registration but we are asking for a suggested donation of between $10-$50 (or more). You can donate here! And don't forget to still register below. 

Interested in telling your story, having someone else tell it for you or having your story published in our Birth and....Monologues Zine? Due to the pandemic and having to cancel this event last year we already have the monologues that we will be using this year but we still would like to hear your story if you are willing to share. Please submit your monologue HERE. We welcome stories from the pregnant/laboring person/mother, partner/father/doula or care provider (OB's and Midwives).

We are interested in all types of stories; whether you have something funny, sarcastic or sad.

We know that birth can be traumatic as well as bring up old trauma for many of us. And while we are being real about that, we want to not just share stories of wounding, but we also want to know - how do we get through it - individually and collectively? What works!? We welcome stories that, even if they include ordeal and difficulty, also heal, that energize, and that tell us more about you and about ourselves. Tell us a story in your own unique way about something you (or a character you create) did to get through a particularly hard part of labor, birth, or early postpartum. How were you/they transformed? What did you/they find out about yourself? And maybe even tell us: how did family and other community respond to this new person? You can use drama, humor, data, poetry, song, romance, movement, or even metaphor or parable…or any other method of presenting that you can dream up. We look forward to reading and hearing from you. Thank you so much for submitting your piece! 

Any telling or printing of stories will be anonymous if you wish.

Please submit your monologue request HERE.

Questions? Please contact Sonia, [email protected]

Please note these stories during the show will cover all ranges of emotions and we are aware that there my be triggers for some people. Feel free to turn your camera off and step away if needed. 

  • May 15, 2021 at 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Zoom
  • Sonia Collins

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