Mission Statement: We are a birth justice organization providing comprehensive doula support for vulnerable communities in Chicagoland.

A Chicago Volunteer Doula is a labor support professional who has chosen to commit time and energy to helping pregnant people and their families in Chicago. Our doulas come from a variety of backgrounds. They are social workers, childcare workers, cab drivers, accountants, stay-at-home moms, midwifery students, artists, activists, nurses, lawyers, teachers, yoga instructors, and massage therapists. Our doulas celebrate different cultural backgrounds, and some are fluent in Spanish.

All of our doulas have been trained by an accredited organization, and many are certified.  Some of our doulas are new to the profession, while many have supported mothers in childbirth for years.  Our administrators have interviewed each doula to ensure that they support our mission and are committed to the families we serve.


Why do we find joy in supporting people in labor?

Each of our doulas has begun their journey into the field for a unique reason. Many of our doulas are people who have experienced the wonder of pregnancy and childbirth and wish to provide support to other people during such a life-changing time. Other doulas enter the field to support and empower parents in what is likely the most powerful experience of their lives.

The most common reason a doula is drawn to doula work can best be described as a calling. These individuals have found a common passion for holding the hand of someone in labor. They attend the birth of each baby as if it were for the first time and stand in awe of watching each family being born.


Our Address 

P.O. Box 5851
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