#CVDLaborofLove Campaign



Last year, CVD provided 959 hours of labor, breastfeeding, and postpartum support to our clients. Each was a labor of love. This year, our goal is to offer 1,000 more through our four program offerings:

  • On-call doula service

  • Traditional doula service

  • Postpartum doula service (new!)

  • Peer Doula and workforce development doula program at Logan Correctional Facility (new!)

To do it, we need your help! Help us sustain this vital work by donating today.

Feeling inspired by your journey to parenthood? This Labor Day weekend, consider a donation in honor of a doula that touched your life! Then share your donation, story, and campaign by encouraging your loved ones to contribute towards our goal of delivering birth justice to our community. 

We would feel honored and so appreciative for you to become the next champion for CVD! Tag us on social and help us make #CVDLaborofLove, #CVD, and #BBW19 the next big trend! 

Here are a few examples of social media posts for this campaign:

"My doula spent 16 hours applying counter pressure to my hips, with 23 hours total time at my side! My labor day donation to CVD will be $39 for my #CVDLaborofLove. Please join me!"

"I'm donating $60 today in honor of the six families who my daughter has helped as a doula through their "labor day." For her, it is a #CVDLaborofLove

"My doula met with us before my daughter's birth, kept in touch as my pregnancy progressed, gave us tips when choosing a provider more in line with our birth choices and supported our wishes as an advocate in the hospital during her birth. I am donating $100 today to support birth justice because everyone deserves that advocacy and choice for their birth. Happy Labor Day! #CVDLaborofLove"

Please join our movement, support our organization with a contribution, and share with all your friends to do the same! Tell your story and provide an opportunity for doula services for a family in Chicago's vulnerable communities.

Thank you,

Your labor is our #CVDLaborofLove

Happy Labor Day!

$1,420.00 raised
GOAL: $2,000.00

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