Intercultural Communication for Birth Workers (Part 1)

In this Part 1 of 2 workshop series, we will explore how power dynamics, social identities, and a diverse range of cultural understandings shape our beliefs, values and practices related to pregnancy, birth and parenting through first-voice experiences of women from particular cultural communities. Doulas' ability to establish trust and open communication with clients is essential to their function as patient advocates. The goal of this interactive workshop is to empower doulas to identify and build on their existing ability to work through unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations that may arise when they are called upon to support a birthing mom or parent. Various cultural approaches towards birth, bridging differences, and ways to support will be explored and placed in the context of a social justice framework.

This workshop is free for active CVD Doulas and we ask for a donation of your choosing for all other birth workers. If you are not able to make a donation but would like to attend please contact [email protected]

Will you come?

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